RadPDT (Radiology Project Development Team)

RadPDT Study Proposal Request Form: Download

Sample awarded protocol: Download


1. What is the RadPDT?
The IU Radiology Project Development Team is a committee of experienced faculty charged with advising department clinical research studies in the design and implementation of research projects.

2. Who is eligible?
IU Radiology faculty, residents, and medical students. Junior faculty must have a mentor. Medical students will require additional support to be determined by the RadPDT committee. 

3. Are there any specific aims that the studies must include?
In general, residents and fellows will not be aiming for external funding so projects must be completed during training.  For junior faculty, however, the emphasis should be placed on small pilot projects in order to apply for external funding.

4. What are the project time limits?
Funding will be approved for a maximum of 1 year.

5. How do I submit a project proposal?
Formal proposal must be submitted using
RadPDT Request form. After the proposal form is processed and reviewed by the RadPDT committee, the investigator will present the proposal to the RadPDT committee. The committee will help PI in budgetary planning process and will decide the final amount of money required and awarded for project. 

6. What is the maximum amount of funding that can be awarded?
Funding will be determined on case by case basis. Typical awards will be in the 5k range. Money not spent by investigator during the 1 year will be returned to the RadPDT.

7. Are progress reports required?
A monthly report & final report will be required.  The final report must be submitted to the RadPDT within 2 months after completion of the award time period. 

8. Who should I contact if there are questions?
Contact if you have ANY questions regarding this program.


Indiana Institute for Biomedical Imaging Sciences (IIBIS) | Department of Radiology | 950 West Walnut Street, E124 | Indianapolis, IN 46202 | PHONE: (317) 963-1692 | FAX: (317) 274-8124