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Welcome to the Office for Research Imaging (ORI)


To help you get started with your study radiology research services please read through the following items.


Complete study registration form


Request a Budget Quote


Regulatory Support


Retrieve/Anonymize/ Send Data


Site Qualification Support


Plan Logistics


Billing Support


Schedule an Exam


 1. Register your study

It's never too early to contact ORI with study questions or service requests. In fact, the earlier the better! To initiate radiology services in your research study, please submit a completed research imaging registration form, budget request (if needed), and protocol (when received) to Upon submission the study will be reviewed by a radiologist and/or imaging scientist for approval. At registration, the study will be assigned an ORI study I.D. number. This study I.D. number will be the identifier for scheduling, invoicing, and all other study communique with ORI. A research imaging registration form must be submitted before ORI can respond to ANY study request.

Contacting ORI is easy, just email us @ or call 317-963-7228. We have dedicated staff waiting to assist you with all of your research imaging needs.

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2. Budget

Requesting a Budget Quote for a New Study:
When requesting a budget quote for a new study: 
Register your study first by completing the ORI study registration form. When registering, make sure to check “Budget Quote” under the Research Services section. We generally can have your imaging budget back to you within 5-7 business days. Depending upon the complexity of the imaging study we may have to consult hospital coders, technologists, and IUH revenue cycle staff for exam pricing verification. The study may be charged one of two ONE-TIME startup & maintenance fees: 

  1. Startup Fee for industry funded clinical trials complex or multi-modality $2,525
  2. Startup Fee for industry funded clinical trials with routine imaging protocol & research services $1,587.50

If the study has no imaging acquisition guidelines, and no research services (no budget assistance, no radiation safety assistance, no protocol guidelines to follow, no site qualification forms, no research scheduling, no research reads, no data transfers, & no training sessions, etc.) other than performing a routine scan and diagnostic read then no additional fees will be charged to support the study. We still ask that these studies register with ORI to assure accurate reporting of radiology resources. If you are unable to determine which fee to budget for, you may request the sponsor to complete our pre-trial questionnaire for sponsors.


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3. Regulatory

ORI has dedicated staff to assist you with all of your imaging regulatory requirements. Services include but are not limited to: regulatory applications, dosimetry calculations, and protocol development. If your study requires any of these services, please email ORI with your request and we will reply within 24 hours. Regulatory approvals (IRB, SRC, Radiation Safety, etc.) must be submitted to ORI before imaging can begin. If you are not sure what kind of regulatory requirements your scan requires, click here.

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 4. Site Qualification

Site Qualification forms should be submitted to ORI and completed by our certified Research Imaging Technologists. Each study may require specific and evolving data that is best completed by a research imaging technologist. Please let us complete these forms for you to ensure accuracy and expediency. Forms can be submitted here.

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 5. Study Set-Up

Once the study has submitted a research imaging registration form, protocol, and all regulatory documents to ORI we will begin pre-study preparations. This includes but is not limited to: study startup meetings, study document creation, database builds, research scheduling orders, phantom scans and imaging protocol Q/C, etc.

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6. Scheduling

You can schedule your study participants via email @ or by phone at (317) 963-7228.

When scheduling please have the following information:

  • Study ID#
  • Subject Name
  • Subject ID
  • Visit number
  • Read or No Read
  • Scan type & Location


HOW TO ORDER RESEARCH SCANS: ORI has developed a Research Order for all studies that have specific imaging guidelines to follow. The order may be prepopulated with identifying study information that allows our imaging technologists to successfully scan the subjects per the study acquisition guidelines. At the bottom of the order you will find the scheduling email and phone number to contact for your study. The research order should be sent to ORI after scheduling along with the IUH/IUHP Grant Charge Forms. Studies performed at IIBIS do not require an order or IUH/IUHP grant forms.

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7. Billing

Billing Methods and Fees

Research imaging studies performed at IIBIS by IU investigators are charged by the hour through the IUSOM financial system. Study PI’s and staff will receive an email receipt detailing the procedure charges and study account number of record every evening after a study is performed. IIBIS imaging systems are dedicated IU research imaging systems with trained research imaging technologists who specialize in research protocols. Hourly billing rates can be found on the
IIBIS rates page and are applicable July 1- June 30. These rates are published for informational purposes only and all studies should request a formal budget estimate for each study. Studies should budget for annual 3-5 increase in rates.

Professional services by a Radiologist, Imaging Scientist, or radiology staff member may be financially supported through salary support of the named individual on the grant or billed as a fee for service through the IUSM financial system. If a study requires a named Radiologist or Imaging Scientist as a Co-Investigator or therein equal role to assuming oversight of the imaging protocol and/or study analysis, then named salary support should be utilized. External investigators and industry sponsors should inquire directly with ORI for applicable study rates. Federal grant applications with imaging services should include Radiology faculty and/or staff as salary support listed on the grant. 

IU Health
Research imaging studies performed at IU Health are billed by the IU Health Revenue Cycle Services. Billing questions should be directed to IU Health charges research studies the CMS reimbursement rate based on CPT code. If the exam does not have a reimbursable CPT code then the exam is given a 65% discount off the listed rate. The ORI can provide exam pricing for your study, however, it is up to the study to provide the CPT codes associated with the protocol imaging requirements. ORI is not responsible for obtaining the CPT codes that correspond with the study requirements; however, we will help as much as we possibly can to assist you with obtaining the correct coding. All research studies performed at IU Health must have grant charge forms created by IUH Revenue Cycles Services before scheduling exams.

Research imaging studies performed at IU Health and interpreted by an IUHP Radiologist receive a 65% discount for diagnostic professional interpretations. This applies for research exams performed per our routine site imaging protocols and requires a routine interpretation. Additional charges and/or salary support will apply if the study requires specific research reporting that otherwise would not be included in a routine diagnostic exam interpretation. Study-specific dictation/reporting/form completion may be billed via ORI and the IUSOM financial billing system if Radiology salary support is not included in the budget. Routine diagnostic interpretations for research studies are billed through IU Health Revenue Cycle Services.

Please inquire with ORI for pricing. ORI has created an Imaging Questionnaire for Sponsors to assist coordinators and business personnel with determining budget considerations. Please have the study sponsor’s project manager complete this form and return to ORI for an accurate budget estimate.


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8. Data Services

Data Archival, Transfer, and Anonymization
All studies are electronically archived and saved for 15+years. Studies requiring electronic transfer and anonymization will be charged $29 per exam. Study coordinators should email ORI with a data transfer request form attached to execute a data transfer. Exam raw data may be available for 1-2 days after scanning. 



Radiology Budget Assistance

Regulatory Assistance (IRB language for imaging, dosimetry, and radiation safety assistance)

Site Qualification 

Protocol Review and Design

Research Scheduling

RECIST tumor measurements

Specialty Research Reads

Electronic Data Transfer

Data Anonymization

Database builds

IU Health Grant charge form assistance

Research Binder creation and delivery


Startup and Study Maintenance Fees:

The ORI Startup and Study Maintenance fee covers multiple services that would not be recovered in the study scan or professional services charge. The fee supports radiology research services that assist with the startup, performance, and completion of a successful imaging study. This includes a radiology protocol review to determine feasibility of the imaging study, site qualification documents, budget quote, regulatory support and dosimetry calculations, study initiation (training, study specified scan protocol, testing), data transfer setup, and study maintenance that includes query resolution and record keeping over the course of the trial.

Industry-funded routine single modality (no study imaging protocol): $1,587.50

Investigator-initiated studies (non-industry): Startup fees are waived.

Rate includes:

  • Protocol review by Radiology staff and Radiologist 
  • Electronic data transfer setup and testing
  • Budget Assistance
  • Radiation Safety Assistance
  • Study Qualification & Initiation
  • Study Maintenance 

Additional Fees:

Data Anonymization & Transfer/CD: $29 Per Exam



ORI Data Services

The ORI can assist IRB approved studies with anonymizing and sending radiology scan data and reports to a study specified destination. All studies requesting this service must register with the ORI by completing our registration form. Some studies may require a study-specific data transmittal form that provides study information like study subject ID, timepoint, year of birth, and any other study specified data points. Please contact the ORI if your study has data anonymization and transfer requirements.



The IU Radiology Project Development Team is a committee of experienced faculty charged with advising department clinical research studies in the design and implementation of research projects. The RadPDT awards departmental funds up to $10k to Radiology and Imaging Sciences faculty for small pilot projects to collect data for larger external funding opportunities. More info can be found on our RadPDT page.

Radiology Development Initiative (RDI)

Through the IIBIS-RDI the cost for imaging studies utilizing the IIBIS in vivo imaging core facilities will be covered by IIBIS.   Funding for elements of the proposed research that fall outside of the scope of imaging services provided by IIBIS will be the responsibility of the investigator.   IIBIS-RDI support can be coupled with other pilot study programs such as those provided through the Indiana CTSI, the IUSM Strategic Research Initiative, and our academic institutions (IUPUI, IU, Purdue) in order to maximally leverage the limited resources available through those programs. More information on this program can be found here.

Renal Imaging Technology Development Program (RITDP)

The objective of the Renal Imaging Technology Development Program (RITDP) is to provide a source of seed funding to foster research activities in the development of new, innovative, renal imaging-related technologies*. The intent of the RITDP is to develop new quantitative renal imaging technologies that will enhance the diagnosis of kidney diseases and the evaluation of the efficacy of therapeutic interventions and not just the utilization of currently available imaging technologies in renal studies. More information on this program can be found here.

Indiana CTSI PDT

Project Development Teams (PDTs) are committees that consist of multidisciplinary researchers who assist investigators in developing ideas/hypotheses into well-designed translational research projects. The teams serve as “one stop shops” by providing investigators access to protocol development; pilot funding; biostatistics; IRB/regulatory and nursing support; facilitation of collaboration with other investigators and access to Core Resources on the IUPUI, IU, Purdue and Notre Dame campuses, all in one meeting. There are currently ten PDTs within the Indiana CTSI: Behavioral & Population Sciences; Community & Urban Health; Concepts to Clinic; Diagnostic & Therapeutic Development; Health Implementation Sciences; Human Health & Biomedical Technologies; Networks, Complex Systems & Health; Obesity & Metabolism; Neuroscience & Cancer; and Pediatric Sciences. Awards are typically up to $20,000 for two years. More information on Project Development Teams can be found by emailing Lane Coffee at

Other Funding Opportunities

The Indiana CTSI has an extensive list of funding opportunities listed here.


Indiana Institute for Biomedical Imaging Sciences (IIBIS) an Indiana University School of Medicine Core Facility 355 W. 16th, Indianapolis Indiana 46202

IIBIS is the premier dedicated research imaging core facility at the IU Academic Health Center offering PET-CT, CT, MRI, and PET-MR. IIBIS is an IU School of Medicine entity and bills SERVICES directly to IU accounts. External researchers can be invoiced directly for services.  Research patients do not have to register with the hospital system and all data is anonymized at scan acquisition. IIBIS specializes in complex research scan protocol acquisition that presents a challenge to perform in the clinical hospital setting. Please contact the ORI to setup your imaging study with IIBIS.



IU Health University Hospital 550 N University Blvd, Indianapolis IN 46202

IU Health University Hospital offers a complete range of clinical radiology services. Exams can be performed for research studies with IRB approval. Studies are billed through IU Health Revenue Cycle Services. Grant Charge forms must be setup prior to study opening. The IUH billing process can be found here:



IU Health Methodist Hospital 1701 North Senate Blvd. Indianapolis, IN 46202

IU Health Methodist Hospital, a level I Trauma Center, offers a complete range of clinical radiology services. Radiology services for research purposes may be performed for studies with IRB approval. Radiology services are billed through IU Health Revenue Cycle Services. Grant Charge forms must be setup prior to study opening. The IUH billing process can be found here:



Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health 705 Riley Hospital Dr. Indianapolis, IN 46202

Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health is Indiana's premier Children's Hospital offering a complete range of clinical radiology services. Radiology services for research purposes may be performed for studies with IRB approval. Radiology services are billed through IU Health Revenue Cycle Services. Grant Charge forms must be setup prior to study opening. The IUH billing process can be found here:

Please check our Facilities and Technical Information page for more detailed information on available resources.


Research Scheduling

Please call (317)963-7228 or email, and our radiology research schedulers will schedule your research imaging study. Utilizing the ORI research scheduling team will help your study:

  1. Schedule on the correct imaging systems for your study.
  2. Assure the study scan parameters are acquired.
  3. Reduce billing errors
  4. Streamline data uploads


Please include the following in your scheduling request:

1. subject id

2. timepoint

3. year of birth

4. other specific anonymizing data points

Indiana Institute for Biomedical Imaging Sciences (IIBIS) | Department of Radiology | 950 West Walnut Street, E124 | Indianapolis, IN 46202 | PHONE: (317) 963-1692 | FAX: (317) 274-8124