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The Imaging Core and Office for Research Imaging (ORI) within the Indiana Institute for Biomedical Imaging Sciences (IIBIS) in the Department of Radiology and Imaging Sciences will implement new research fees for Government, Foundation, and Industry effective July 1, 2017 thru June 30th, 2018. Please take a minute to review the new research fees below or by selecting the rate files at the top of this page.

Please note: The Department of Radiology and Imaging Sciences now requires our ORG code (RADY) to be added to your internal KC routing whenever imaging and/or radiochemistry is being utilized (even if there is no key personnel listed for Radiology). Radiology and Imaging Sciences has a new object code 4152 to facilitate tracking of imaging studies.  Please use this new object code when preparing internal budgets.

If your study needs budget assistance, please register the study with ORI and select 'Budget Quote' under the 'Research Services' section. For an accurate budget please include a clear scope of work requested from Radiology along with the study protocol and any other relevant study documents.  All studies must have a radiology approved budget before imaging can begin. Please allow 1-3 weeks for your budget request to process. A feasibility meeting may be necessary before a budget can be provided. If budget planning requires multiple imaging budget scenarios, please request the scenarios together to avoid separate processing times.

The imaging rates are published for informational and planning purposes for IU investigators only. External investigators should contact ORI for budget information. Please contact ORI for an official study budget.



In Vivo Imaging Core Recharge Rates FY18:




Human MRI


Charged per hour with a 15 minute minimum.

Human PET/CT


Charged per hour.

Tracer Uptake $50 Flat Fee

Radiopharmaceutical Dose Charges FY18:



[F-18] FDG


[F-18] NaF


[F-18] Fallypride


[N-13] Ammonia




[C-11] Acetate


[C-11] xxx*


[0-15] Water


[Ga-68] DOTA-NOC


[C-11] PiB-DIAN-TU


[C-11] Acetate IND


CO2 Metabolite Assay


Cyclotron Beam Time


* xxx – Raclopride, PiB, PBR28, Palmitate

ORI Fees FY18:

Service Description Fee
Startup & Maint. Imaging Guidelines (complex) $2,525
Startup & Maint. Imaging Guidelines (simple) $1,587.50
Data Transfer (per exam) $29
Research Read (MRI,CT) $100
RECIST Measurement $164



In Vivo Imaging Core Preclinical Recharge Rates FY18:

Service Coverage Mode                           Hourly Rate*                  
IIVIS Self-Service $197

                                     *Hourly rates are allocated in 30 minute blocks


Other Services FY17:

Service Comment Rate        
Optical/microCT User Training (8 hrs) One-time fee per trainee $404
Regulatory Document Support


Fee charged per activity.

Study/Procotocol Design One-time fee per study $415
Data Transfer IUBox, USB,Slashtmp,etc. $57
Data Analysis Processing, Analysis, Modeling, Statistics $98

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